Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Witchblade/The Darkness/Angelus: Blood on the Sands

So witchblade will always be one of those books I keep an eye on, it was one of the big books back in the image/top cow days that was huge! and still actually holds it's value today, issue #1 still goes for around $50. While the series has never attained the greatness it had in it's original arc, it's still around and doing it's think. This week anyone interested can give the whole witchblade universe a try with this special one-shot issue Blood on the Sands.

It's got great cover by Stjepan Sejic and a good mix of well known artists doing interiors: Sheldon Mitchell (Witchblade Annual), Admira Wijaya (Hercules) and Tom Grindberg (Teen Titans, The Outsiders)

also check out these other great peices by Stjepan Sejic!

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