Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hey all, didn't get a chance to get in a game of Android, so i'll save that review for another i thought i'd talk about a fun and easy game we just got back instock called Wasabi!!

As you can guess it's a sushi themed game! The concept is fairly simple that allows almost anyone to get in on the fun. You play chefs trying to complete their quota of sushi recepies, to do this you simply lay down tiles that are drawn from the pantry and arrange them to create your dishes...complete the recipes with style and receive bonus points or special tactics that allow you to rearrange and disrupt your opponents carefully placed tiles. You may not have the time to setup these stylish moves so it's a balance between technique and speed! The game ends when the board is full and points are totaled up!

Another great game from Z-man Games! also see Pandemic,

Agricola and Power Grid!

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