Friday, April 25, 2008

The Dark Knight

All I can really say is...simply amazing!
Although visually I love the above poster (and must have it by the way!) i'd say the below poster more captures the whole Batman mythos, just look at that city that he has to watch over. Superman has always had his definitive watching from the clouds image, and now i believe we've got our batman equivalent image.
Now i'll bet these got you in the mood to read some batman stuff!!
Here's a list of what I've got on the stack for this week:
Batman The Long Halloween - leob & sale tell a great detective batman story
Batman Under the Hood vol 1 & 2 - the return of Jason Todd...and it's awesome!
Batman No Man's Land - Batman straight up running things when Gotham city is declared No Man's Land!
Batman and Son - the setup to the upcoming BATMAN RIP. be ready for Bruce Wayne's son and a host of imitation batman running around with guns and such

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hulk #3 and Ultimate Spider-man #121

Hey all, feels like it's been a while since we got some now reviews up, so here's 2 for the price of 1!!! It's been a long day at the store so I'll keep it fairly short. So here we go...two new books that are out today!!

First let's talk about Hulk #3. While I've never been the big green guys biggest fan, there have been some really good Hulk stories as of late, the two most recent being Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. The latter leading right into this new Hulk series, it appears that GREEN hulk has dissappeared and the new in fashion colour is RED.

Um so yeah...Ed McGuiness is awesome! His style perfectly suits hulks giant over the top physique. Also appearing in the book are Ironman, She Hulk, the new Abomination and a host of others all done in similar spectacular style. The action is fast and furious and while not as detailed as Hitch's Fantastic Four (see previous posts) it really gives a good feel to how powerful Hulk is.

Let's get to the story part....following the events of World War Hulk as i mentioned the GREEN hulk as dissappeared, and his good friend Abomination has turned up dead...via some kinda giant gun. yeah...since when does Hulk use guns!?!? Ironman and his Shield posse go to investige with the help of General Ross and She-Hulk...then crazyness ensues. I hesitate to call it a retro approach...i'd say it's more of a back to basics approach to hulk, giving a big showcase to huge action scenes...and less of that word stuff.

Also i don't know who red hulk is (my guess is possibly General Ross??) but i like him!

Next up in line...ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #121!!! hell if you aren't reading ultimate spiderman right now...well...what's wrong with you?!?!? I'd still have to say it's one of the best books on the market today. Sure Bagley has left...but check out the amazying work Immonen is doing.

Look at the attention to detail!!! Immonen has a great style that works really well with the web slinger, and his techinical ability is...i'd say almost unmatched by most current artists. How many times have you seen a car or computer drawn and that box supposed to impress me?? For example, in this issue it's the return of Omega Red who's after revenge on Jameson for giving him bad press...and during the fight spider-man slams him in the face with a computer monitor...the monitor is completely drawn in detail, it has the wall mount, the grills, the inputs and plugs on the back, even shows the screws popping out! When was the last time you even saw an artist take the time to do that?? Check out this wide shot of the aftermath:

And that's not even a full page spread!!! Also add onto that that Bendis is still on the book so you get awesome story to go with it. Ultimate Spider-man has always been about peter parker and his life as spider-man...its often noted that there are issues with no apperance of Spider-man at all, and these are probably some of the best issues!

Anywayz...if your not reading should be! Also be sure to check out Stuart Immonen's art book that we got in last week that we got from the man himself!! I quickly mentioned that we loved his work on USM and he stated that he'll be on the book for a good long run!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Countdown #3

Ah getting very close to the final countdown! Now i know maybe alot of you have either put the title on the side or stepped away for a bit (perhaps two year long weekly books was overkill) but now is the time to get back on and catch up on your reading! We're now about two issues away from the "day that evil wins"!

Not convinced? check out this panel

Still not convinced??? how about this?!?!

Yeah, that's right, it's an old fashioned slug fest! We also learn Jimmy Olsen's true part of the puzzle.

Also check out this gem....yeah, that's mary marvel using GREEN LANTERN as a make shift beat stick on Donna Troy. Brutal!! Anywayz, it'll be a quick post as we've been totally swamped by everything this week. I'll have some more cool stuff after the weekend to show ya'll!

Other good reads this week:

Titans, Fantastic Four, Punisher, JSA!!!

Also be sure to check out our wicked "Why go to the Con" sale!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Fantastic Four #554 and #555

Hey all, I dunno if you've been picking up Fantastic Four since Millar and Hitch too over but...yeah you should be. As of issue #554 they've taken the helm of Marvel's First Family, and are doing it with style! The art is fantastic!! Hitch has alot of things going on here that give the book a really epic almost movie feel. He's got one of the best Ben Grimm's i've ever seen, the perfect blend of classic with modern.

Technology is often one of the elements neglected by artists, usually degraded to a series of boxes or a blurred thing in the background, but hitch brings it all front and center showing he can draw the most advanced creations that Reed can build.

Okay okay, so he can draw...but what about flow and action???? Oh yeah!! Check out these great action panels. Sue Storm stopping bulletts matrix style and crazy ripple effects during a Johnny Storm sequence, you probably won't see anything like this in any other book on the market right now.

Alright alright so now onto the story. Starting with #554 it's a whole new 4-part story, so you don't have to read anything prior to just jump on...the only reference that i could see was that they refered to Sue walking out on Reed (this happened during Civil War). So what exactly is going on??? Well the earth is dying, faster than usual, as indicated in the book within 10 years!! So an old friend of Reed's comes to him to help them build a "NEW" earth, one that is exactly like the current earth. BUT!! what would "NEW" earth be like without them trying to perfect it??!?!?

Yeah that's right people, why not create some kinda utopia? what could go wrong there...and who is this "cap" character? Oh he's just somethign they created to be a night "watchman", you know...keep everybody in line. Anywayz, seems to work in theory right?
Yeah that's right...that's what happens!! It seems that "cap" overheard Reed talking about what REAL soldiers and SHIELD, and he's deceided to seek them out and destroy them!!

So if your in the mood for something new and fun to read, or even just want to see some great art check out Fantastic Four!! And if you enjoy it be sure to pick up The Authority Trade Paperbacks for more of Hitch's art!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Amazing Spider-man #555 - Wolvie team-up!!

I know there is still the crazy backlash that is "One More Day" but if you can get past it there has been some really fun spidey stuff after it's wake. Just take a look at this weeks issue for a great jumping on point. Check out this great exchange between spidey and wolvie over breakfast.

Bachalo's are is very solid and he's got a very mean looking wolvie. Check out this splash.

It's kinda hard to read when i post such a big pic shrinked but here's the dialoge:

Spidey "What took you so long?"

Wolvie "Just waiting for you to draw them out."

Spidey "Wait a minute, you used me as bait?!"

Wolvie "Had to be sure of their numbers..."

Spidey "There are THREE, all right?!"

So if your in the mood for some fun spidey team-up action check out Amazing #555 on the shelf now!

Atomic Robo #6

Hey all, welcome to the first ever Heroes World blog post!! It will probably take a while to get the hang of this so hopefully each post will get better and better!!

First post I have to talk about...Atomic Robo! This is probably the best book that nobody is reading. Published by Red 5 comics( it has quickly become a staff favorite around the store. Best way to describe it...think Iron man meets Hellboy. I'll try to keep things short and simply say...READ IT!! Not only does it have great humor (you'll actually laugh out loud for this one) but it's got some of the best action sequences i've seen in a while.

Artist Scott Wegener does a great job of creating expressions on robo's face even though the only thing that moves really are his eyes. What you are seeing is a few panels from issue #6 of the mini series, but don't worry there has been a ongoing series announced. Currently we have instock only issue #6, but issues #1 to #5 have second printings on the way.