Sunday, April 25, 2010

Archie Loves...???

watch out in July 2010 guys! Two, count them Two Archie series presenting the two paths he could have chosen!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Best Coming Last Week: Uncanny X-men #523

Yo folks, it should come at no suprise that Uncanny X-men #523 was the best coming last week!

The story continues as hope and Cable try to hook up with the X-men while being hunted by pretty much every mutant hating organization in the universe!

Check out the great pencils by Dodson! Look at wolverine giving Cyclops his respect, a current trend that i'm really digging.
Cable and Hope try to fight to survive. The story has a slight Terminator (Hope = John Connor) vibe to it, but damned if it isn't a good use of the idea.
Great moments where you thinkg they are safe, but end up having to run again.
And if that ain't enough to get you to pick up the book...i guess i'll have to revel one of the bad about Bastion??? the super Sentinel/Nimrod hybrid mutant hunter?!?

Second coming part #1 has sold out already, and second printing has been announced. So if you missed out let Heroes World staff know you want in on 2nd print, and in the meantime scoop up Uncanny #523 while they last!

Vader is a Badass!

Hey guys, did you check out Purge #1 last week?? if you didn't man you are missing out! Vader is a total badass! Also combine him with some wicked painted art and you've got pure darkside gold!
Vaders so bad, he makes medicine sick!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Best Comic Last Week: X-men Second Coming #1

So in a week where Blackest Night #8 hits...i'd have to say somehow X-men Second Coming #1 manages to beat it out and become...THE BEST COMIC LAST WEEK!
While i may be bias as the X-men have been my all time favorite comic property...EVER! It was a REALLY good read. For those of you that don't know since M-Day (see House of M TPB) there are less than 198 mutants left on the earth. And since M Day there have been NO mutant births since..except for one child, known as Hope. Cyclops the current leader of the X-men believe her to be mutant kinds savior and sent her, along with Cable into the future for safe keeping (see Messiah Complex TBP). And now they have returned.
Now is the mutants darkest hour, with their population rapidly diminishing, survival from extinction rests on the shoulders of Cyclops! You see Cyclops has achieved what Professor X, Apocalypse, Magneto, and many more could not...he has consolidated all the power of the mutant population. Cyclops has become the leader of essentially the entire mutant race! Which is totally badass! he's cold, he's smart and he's kicking ass and taking names. He's the Batman of the X-men. He's willing to do whatever it takes to save his race.

Including sanctioning the team known as X-force to do alot of dirty killing folks that need to be killed! check out this action spread!
This issue seems to move so fast, it's much ground is covered, and even if you have't read previous X-men stuff you'll be caught up quickly. Also wicked art by David Finch helps as well. This is probalby one of the coolest panels ever...the X-men being teleported into action.
Second Coming is the 3rd part of the Messiah Complex trilogy (Messiah Complex, Messiah War, Second Coming) and will take place over the course of 14 chapters that will spread though out the X-title line up...if this is any indication of the series then it will be one hell of a ride!

Second Coming Checklist:
Chapter 1 X-men Second Coming
Chapter 2 Uncanny X-men 523
Chapter 3 New Mutants 12
Chapter 4 X-men Legacy 235
Chapter 5 X-Force 26
Chapter 6 Uncanny X-men 524
Chapter 7 New Mutants 13
Chapter 8 X-men Legacy 236
Chapter 9 X-Force 27
Chapter 10 Uncanny X-men 525
Chapter 11 New Mutants 14
Chapter 12 X-men Legacy 237
Chapter 13 X-Force 28
Chapter 14 X-men Second Coming Finale

Upcoming hype: The Expendables Comic

Probably the most anticipated movie ever...okay maybe only by me...will have a 4 issue comic prequel in May! Written by Chuck Dixon and art by Esteve Polls.

I've read a little more about the movie, and it sounds like my kind of movie for sure...and hopefully all you action fans will like it as well. The comic series will showcase the team at an earlier time than we'll see in the movie.

In interviews Dixon points out that Dolph Lundgren will possibly steal the movie (he's plays a team member that was kicked out and will be a villian)...which sounds awesome!

can't wait! if you wanna check out the prequel comics series be sure to let Heroes World staff know!

Friday, April 2, 2010

"Awww...your BONES!" Moment: Powers #3

This "Awww...your Bones!" moment is from Powers #3. Where Walker in one of his memories from the past takes down some Nazi super villan.

You can see my previous posts about how much i love Powers...and just this little panel here you can see how creative they get on this book...and graphic! I mean check it out, he get's kicked though a freaking panel and wailed on afterward!! nutso!