Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Best Coming Last Week: Uncanny X-men #523

Yo folks, it should come at no suprise that Uncanny X-men #523 was the best coming last week!

The story continues as hope and Cable try to hook up with the X-men while being hunted by pretty much every mutant hating organization in the universe!

Check out the great pencils by Dodson! Look at wolverine giving Cyclops his respect, a current trend that i'm really digging.
Cable and Hope try to fight to survive. The story has a slight Terminator (Hope = John Connor) vibe to it, but damned if it isn't a good use of the idea.
Great moments where you thinkg they are safe, but end up having to run again.
And if that ain't enough to get you to pick up the book...i guess i'll have to revel one of the bad about Bastion??? the super Sentinel/Nimrod hybrid mutant hunter?!?

Second coming part #1 has sold out already, and second printing has been announced. So if you missed out let Heroes World staff know you want in on 2nd print, and in the meantime scoop up Uncanny #523 while they last!

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