Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Best Comics from Last couple Weeks!

Sorry guys, falling behind here's the best comics from the last couple weeks

Best comic 3 weeks ago: Powers #1

Wow, i can't tell you how good this book is! This is one of those books where truly anything can happen. Powers is basically about cops in a world of super heroes, Christan Walker is a detective in the homicide POWERS division, so he deals with murders and deaths involving the super powered.
This is the all new powers starting anew at #1 and here is issue #3...and man was this a great climax to the series so far...first two issues were so really good set up by bendis, who i will admit can run wild with dialogue sometimes, but man this was worth it, this issue was definitely a wicked pay off.

If your a fan of shows like The Shield, or the Wire, Sopranos, etc you'll love this book! where else can you see panels like this?!?

Best comic 2 weeks ago: Siege #3

Next we get Thor vs Sentry!! oh yeah!
and then add on the return of real deal Ironman?!?

Easily the best comic 2 weeks ago! and if your not reading The Siege...your way out of the loop! it's the return of Captain America, Thor and Ironman power houses! Norman Osborne has gone nutso and decided to take Asguard (thor's land). So far Ares has fallen...and fallen hard, he won't be around for sometime because that death was pretty clear.

Best comic last week: Secret Warriors #14

Now we're back up to date! The best comic last week was...SECRET WARRIORS #14!! oh yeah...why aren't you reading Secret Warriors? first off it has Dum Dum in it! oh yeah, he's back.
It's got crazy twists!
The art is absolutely phenomenal! check out this page!
For those of you not in the know...aka the non-cool people...Secret Warriors follows Nick Fury and his band of Secret Warriors, a strike team he put together to take down hydra...who has apparently been pulling Shield's strings from the begining...oh wait...there is even another force pulling hydra's strings! can't wait till the next issue.

allllll right, that gets us back to speed! what will be the best comic this week??? hmmm, it'll be tough, because Blackest Night #8 hits! also stay tuned for a new edition of "Aww...your bones!"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Comic Last Week: Wolverine Weapon X #11


So the best comic last week yet again features more return of Captain America action!
This time it's two of marvels oldest (age wise that is) characters hitting up a pub crawl!! The issue has some really great moments where they deal with caps death...of course wolvie plays it off like it's nothing...stating in fact that he was there for Cap's first "death", a very nice touch.

Now Jason Aaron has this wicked ability to throw in some sillyness and make it cool as hell. Enter Deathlok in a terminator like role, looking to eliminate key players in current time line. Great use of an older character!

Wolverine Weapon X has totally delivered on being it's own wolverine book and it's story arcs like this that will really make the book. Jason Aaron has become one of my favorite Marvel writers as he seems to know we're dealing with comic books here so he throws in just the right about of "out there" ideas but keeps it grounded. If you like this book be sure to check out Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire that just hit in TPB this week!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Batman vs Killer Croc statue!

New release!! Batman vs Killer Croc!!

On display now, so come check it out!

Friday, March 5, 2010

"Awww...your BONES!" Moment: Secret Warriors #13

We got a saying here at Heroes World. It's based off this old video game called Ghouls 'N Ghosts from Capcom. You play a knight running around and when get hit you lose your armor, and then the next hit kills you, turning you into a pile of Bones instantly (some how your skin and everything just disappears). Hence the store phrase "Awww...your Bones!" indicating that you were brutally killed!

Here's our first installment from Secret Warriors #13!

Apparently when you join HYDRA, you never want to be an agent sparring with Baron von Strucker. Here some poor agent gets Satan Clawed to the face.

For those of you not reading Secret Warriors follows Nick Fury and his team of commandos along with his new Secret Warriors. So if your into a more espionage style super hero team (think The Unit with superpowers) then this is the book for you. Written by Hickman and wicked at by Caselli.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Best Comic Last Week: New Avengers #62

Best comic last week...easily New Avengers #62. Not only did it feature loads of Spider-man 7 Spider-woman action, but it also featured Steve Rogers back in action! Steve and Bucky side by side dealing with the Living Laser...and then add Luke cage to boot!

The book also features some of the best reactions to the return of Cap...something that was sorely missing from the Reborn series. Also loving Steve in the Black Ops style gear.

Immonen does a wicked job as usual and you got Daniel Acuna filling in for the Spider-man action. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!