Monday, April 7, 2008

Fantastic Four #554 and #555

Hey all, I dunno if you've been picking up Fantastic Four since Millar and Hitch too over but...yeah you should be. As of issue #554 they've taken the helm of Marvel's First Family, and are doing it with style! The art is fantastic!! Hitch has alot of things going on here that give the book a really epic almost movie feel. He's got one of the best Ben Grimm's i've ever seen, the perfect blend of classic with modern.

Technology is often one of the elements neglected by artists, usually degraded to a series of boxes or a blurred thing in the background, but hitch brings it all front and center showing he can draw the most advanced creations that Reed can build.

Okay okay, so he can draw...but what about flow and action???? Oh yeah!! Check out these great action panels. Sue Storm stopping bulletts matrix style and crazy ripple effects during a Johnny Storm sequence, you probably won't see anything like this in any other book on the market right now.

Alright alright so now onto the story. Starting with #554 it's a whole new 4-part story, so you don't have to read anything prior to just jump on...the only reference that i could see was that they refered to Sue walking out on Reed (this happened during Civil War). So what exactly is going on??? Well the earth is dying, faster than usual, as indicated in the book within 10 years!! So an old friend of Reed's comes to him to help them build a "NEW" earth, one that is exactly like the current earth. BUT!! what would "NEW" earth be like without them trying to perfect it??!?!?

Yeah that's right people, why not create some kinda utopia? what could go wrong there...and who is this "cap" character? Oh he's just somethign they created to be a night "watchman", you know...keep everybody in line. Anywayz, seems to work in theory right?
Yeah that's right...that's what happens!! It seems that "cap" overheard Reed talking about what REAL soldiers and SHIELD, and he's deceided to seek them out and destroy them!!

So if your in the mood for something new and fun to read, or even just want to see some great art check out Fantastic Four!! And if you enjoy it be sure to pick up The Authority Trade Paperbacks for more of Hitch's art!

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Massacremike said...

Yeah, I pick this book up periodically when someone or something good is happening with it... but I jumped on, no questions asked when it was Millar and Hitch comming on board.

I have NOT been dissappointed in the least with their two issues thus far. Millar has characterization down pat and one hella-cool storyline idea with the creation of this artificial back-up Earth. Who says Iron Man is truest Sci-Fi book Marvel has to offer? I say the FF just turned into a hardcore science fiction book!

Ahhhh, and Hitch's artwork. Simply outstanding. The realism, the detail, the clarity of storytelling... did I mention the detail? Everything looks sexy all the way from Sue's butt in her skimpy tight Fantastic Four costume to every last bolt in the Fantasticar! Now that is going some!