Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hulk #3 and Ultimate Spider-man #121

Hey all, feels like it's been a while since we got some now reviews up, so here's 2 for the price of 1!!! It's been a long day at the store so I'll keep it fairly short. So here we go...two new books that are out today!!

First let's talk about Hulk #3. While I've never been the big green guys biggest fan, there have been some really good Hulk stories as of late, the two most recent being Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. The latter leading right into this new Hulk series, it appears that GREEN hulk has dissappeared and the new in fashion colour is RED.

Um so yeah...Ed McGuiness is awesome! His style perfectly suits hulks giant over the top physique. Also appearing in the book are Ironman, She Hulk, the new Abomination and a host of others all done in similar spectacular style. The action is fast and furious and while not as detailed as Hitch's Fantastic Four (see previous posts) it really gives a good feel to how powerful Hulk is.

Let's get to the story part....following the events of World War Hulk as i mentioned the GREEN hulk as dissappeared, and his good friend Abomination has turned up dead...via some kinda giant gun. yeah...since when does Hulk use guns!?!? Ironman and his Shield posse go to investige with the help of General Ross and She-Hulk...then crazyness ensues. I hesitate to call it a retro approach...i'd say it's more of a back to basics approach to hulk, giving a big showcase to huge action scenes...and less of that word stuff.

Also i don't know who red hulk is (my guess is possibly General Ross??) but i like him!

Next up in line...ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #121!!! hell if you aren't reading ultimate spiderman right now...well...what's wrong with you?!?!? I'd still have to say it's one of the best books on the market today. Sure Bagley has left...but check out the amazying work Immonen is doing.

Look at the attention to detail!!! Immonen has a great style that works really well with the web slinger, and his techinical ability is...i'd say almost unmatched by most current artists. How many times have you seen a car or computer drawn and that box supposed to impress me?? For example, in this issue it's the return of Omega Red who's after revenge on Jameson for giving him bad press...and during the fight spider-man slams him in the face with a computer monitor...the monitor is completely drawn in detail, it has the wall mount, the grills, the inputs and plugs on the back, even shows the screws popping out! When was the last time you even saw an artist take the time to do that?? Check out this wide shot of the aftermath:

And that's not even a full page spread!!! Also add onto that that Bendis is still on the book so you get awesome story to go with it. Ultimate Spider-man has always been about peter parker and his life as spider-man...its often noted that there are issues with no apperance of Spider-man at all, and these are probably some of the best issues!

Anywayz...if your not reading should be! Also be sure to check out Stuart Immonen's art book that we got in last week that we got from the man himself!! I quickly mentioned that we loved his work on USM and he stated that he'll be on the book for a good long run!

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