Friday, April 4, 2008

Atomic Robo #6

Hey all, welcome to the first ever Heroes World blog post!! It will probably take a while to get the hang of this so hopefully each post will get better and better!!

First post I have to talk about...Atomic Robo! This is probably the best book that nobody is reading. Published by Red 5 comics( it has quickly become a staff favorite around the store. Best way to describe it...think Iron man meets Hellboy. I'll try to keep things short and simply say...READ IT!! Not only does it have great humor (you'll actually laugh out loud for this one) but it's got some of the best action sequences i've seen in a while.

Artist Scott Wegener does a great job of creating expressions on robo's face even though the only thing that moves really are his eyes. What you are seeing is a few panels from issue #6 of the mini series, but don't worry there has been a ongoing series announced. Currently we have instock only issue #6, but issues #1 to #5 have second printings on the way.


Gatekeeper said...

I believe there is an issue being offered with Free Comic book day. I'm looking forward to picking that up.

coolasice said...

yep! there is an atomic robo issue slated for FCBD