Friday, April 25, 2008

The Dark Knight

All I can really say is...simply amazing!
Although visually I love the above poster (and must have it by the way!) i'd say the below poster more captures the whole Batman mythos, just look at that city that he has to watch over. Superman has always had his definitive watching from the clouds image, and now i believe we've got our batman equivalent image.
Now i'll bet these got you in the mood to read some batman stuff!!
Here's a list of what I've got on the stack for this week:
Batman The Long Halloween - leob & sale tell a great detective batman story
Batman Under the Hood vol 1 & 2 - the return of Jason Todd...and it's awesome!
Batman No Man's Land - Batman straight up running things when Gotham city is declared No Man's Land!
Batman and Son - the setup to the upcoming BATMAN RIP. be ready for Bruce Wayne's son and a host of imitation batman running around with guns and such

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