Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Secret Invasion #2 and Nightwing #144

Yeah, so it's a big week!!! So I'm going to quickly go through these cause there is so much more to read!!

First up is Secret Invasion #2:

Well if your not already reading Secret Invasion...then what the heck man?!?! Seriuosly it's marvels big crossover for this summer and whether it's a hit or miss it's always worth checking out. So's been pretty damn good. Bendis at the helm leading the project...which he hasn't done since House of M...and great art by Leinil Francis Yu.

The premise? well to put it short: every character in the marvel universe could be a Skrull! Yeah it seems that simple, but marvel has been laying the groundwork for sometime apparently (i'd say only since Secret War that bendis did a year or so back). Skrulls have discovered a way to completely infiltrate the identity of someone and can only be detected when death occurs. Yeah that's right when the occurance of death insues, then we discover if you were a skrull or not, seems simple right?
This being the 2nd issue it means that the big fights will commence, and we get some really good hero vs hero battles here. Captain America is back (well possibly) and a host of others stright up duking it out! Iron Man goes back to basics when his armor is super hacked, and Hawkeye goes back to what he does best...bows and arrows.
All this action and we're treated to some really cool full-out Skrull versions of characters. Making for what i hope is an even craizer 3rd issue!! Check out super X-men skrull with wolvies claws, colossus' armor and cyclops' beams!

Also be sure to check out Mighty Avengers and New Avengers also both helmed by Bendis that are great additions to the story. Mighty Avengers covers what Nick Fury was up to while he was absent from the rest of the marvel universe, and on the flip side New Avengers covers what the skrulls were up to!

Now secondly a quick note on Nightwing #144:
If your into DC stuff at all, or even if you've been hardcore marvel fan, this is the book to read. Dick Grayson is probably one of the best characters in the DCU and his book is now doing a really good job of showing it. Look at this little panel that shows how much thought he goes through before busting some heads.
It's small details like this that are making this book such a great read. Also if you enjoy Nightwing pick up Green Lantern Corps also written by Tomasi for some interglactic police goodness!

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