Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Colossus One-Shot, GeNeXt #1 and Batman RIP!

Hey all, it's a mighty big week!! So i've got a few snippets from a few of my favs.

First up X-Men Origins: Colossus:

If this is any indication of what the orgins series are going to be it's a welcome addition to the X-men line. What it is bascally is a more detailed and mordern retelling of...well an X-men's "origin". This issue features one of my all time fav characters, the Colossus, who according to many surveys is one of the top fav characters up there will Jean Gray and Wolverine. The one shot covers alot more than you'd expect, from his brothers death, to discovering his powers, his sisters birth and right up to his recruitment into the X-men.
As you can see in the panel above, it's been modernized. Nothing really has been changed except for the addition of a certian character that i don't think was attached to his original orgin. It even has the famous tractor scene.
A really cool thing that is brought up within the issue? How about the idea that instead of hating and fearing mutants like America, Russia would want to control the power and harness it as a that would make a cool What If?? What if Colossus became Russia's Super Soldier. Nonetheless it's a good read with great art so pick it up!

next up...GeNeXt #1:

"Because you demanded it!" really, you did! Marvel announced that Chris Claremont would helm a new X-book, and all the concepts were posted on their website and were voted on by the public, and this is the book that won! The concept is simple...what if the Marvel Universe aged in real-time?? what does that mean exactly?? well founding and original members of the X-men would be in their 50s and even the new mutants would be in their 30s, meaning there is a whole new generation.
Why is this different from what we've scene? well the rest of the universe has aged quite a bit and instead of simply bringing in new mutants that seem to just add to the x-men universe, these guys are pretty much the replacements! You have a very old Beast watching the danger room, and X-23 running the training sessions a job historically given to wolverine. So far no sign of other x-men other than the fact that Prof X is dead. Revealed so far...Oliver Raven son of Rogue and Gambit, Becka Munroe daughter of Storm and unknown father (i suspect wolveirne or black panther), and Pavel Rasputin grandson of Colossus. While the book seems fairly short and dosen't cover too much ground, you are treated to a nice sketch book that details each character. Clues are dropped that this might possibly be in the same timeline as X-men: The End. An interesting read with alot of potential.

Lastly...Batman #676 R.I.P!!!

So it's finally here, the result of all of Grant Morrison's build up over the last year or so. The rumor is that Batman will change forever!! Possibilities are...Bruce finally gives up the mantel, or might even get dead!

This issue is perhaps some of the best Tony Daniel work i've seen. While not alot is given away in this issue yet, there is the return of a very key character that would have to be involved if Batman were to infact die. Batman RIP is a 20 part crossover that will be spanning Batman, Detecive, Nightwing, Robin and Batman & the Outsiders.

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