Saturday, April 12, 2008

Countdown #3

Ah getting very close to the final countdown! Now i know maybe alot of you have either put the title on the side or stepped away for a bit (perhaps two year long weekly books was overkill) but now is the time to get back on and catch up on your reading! We're now about two issues away from the "day that evil wins"!

Not convinced? check out this panel

Still not convinced??? how about this?!?!

Yeah, that's right, it's an old fashioned slug fest! We also learn Jimmy Olsen's true part of the puzzle.

Also check out this gem....yeah, that's mary marvel using GREEN LANTERN as a make shift beat stick on Donna Troy. Brutal!! Anywayz, it'll be a quick post as we've been totally swamped by everything this week. I'll have some more cool stuff after the weekend to show ya'll!

Other good reads this week:

Titans, Fantastic Four, Punisher, JSA!!!

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The Goon 0001 said...

Yo! That is HILARIOUS. Using GL as a beat stick on Wonder Woman laughing my butt off right now. HEH HEH