Friday, April 4, 2008

Amazing Spider-man #555 - Wolvie team-up!!

I know there is still the crazy backlash that is "One More Day" but if you can get past it there has been some really fun spidey stuff after it's wake. Just take a look at this weeks issue for a great jumping on point. Check out this great exchange between spidey and wolvie over breakfast.

Bachalo's are is very solid and he's got a very mean looking wolvie. Check out this splash.

It's kinda hard to read when i post such a big pic shrinked but here's the dialoge:

Spidey "What took you so long?"

Wolvie "Just waiting for you to draw them out."

Spidey "Wait a minute, you used me as bait?!"

Wolvie "Had to be sure of their numbers..."

Spidey "There are THREE, all right?!"

So if your in the mood for some fun spidey team-up action check out Amazing #555 on the shelf now!


Massacremike said...

I was browsing through this issue late last night before bed. I didn't get a chance to read it but couldn't resist taking a peak inside because, as you mention, the artwork is fantastic and the Wolverine team-up looks well-executed. I know we've been buzzing on over at the forum about how poorly Wolvie is handled in a lot of recent titles, but I'd venture to say this issue is an exception. I couldn't resist and had to read a bit of the banter between Wolvie and Spidey and I have to say it was very tastey, very humerous, and spot on as far as characterization goes.

coolasice said...

agreed! wolvie is a total badass here and really stays true to his original character. Not as much samurai in there but he takes the hits and keeps going, only being held back by spider-man. Once you read the issue there a good moment about how wolvie just takes the hits.