Friday, June 26, 2009

Thunderbolts! you should be reading this!

Just time for a quick one today. should be reading it! okay okay, i guess you need a little more.
Well...Thunderbolts...I guess it's the villan version of New Avengers...but within the new issue, #133 you actually find out they are not all your typical bad guys! which is cool! I finished re-reading the last two issues #132 and #133 and was wondering to myself why is this book so good? and then I realized/remembered that it's now being written by Andy Diggle the same man behind one of my favorite DC Vertigo books, the Losers!

Diggle has a great way of writing "black-ops" type stories and Losers was one of the best (now avaliable in TPBs). This works very will with the current version of the Thunderbolts. Not only is the book served up with great action and team dynamic but the characters are really developing well! This new issue we learn of undercover operatives within this supposed team of villians...and then we also learn some of the villans aren't fully onboard with Norman Osborn...which is totally cool (cause it's kinda hard to follow totally bad guys)!

anyway! if your not reading it...pick it up! You can start with issue #132 or get the latest Deadpool/Thunderbolts TPB...and while your at it pick up The Losers Vol 1, you won't regret it!

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