Thursday, June 18, 2009

TPBs you probably never read...starting with the letter "B"

Hey all, just dropping a line here on some great series that you probably haven't read...and if you have then you get a gold star cause these are excellent reads that i wouldn't consider on the mainstream radar.

First up is....drum rolllllll...Blue Beetle!! yes that's right folks...the NEW Blue Beetle!!

Now this series follows the new blue beetle, teenager Jaime Reyes, as he receives the blue beetle scarab. This armor seems to be both a blessing and a curse for our young Jaime who's just trying to get by in life. It's got amazing art (including Cully Hamner) and the perfect blend of comedy and action. This book was very underrated and the ongoing series was recently put to rest...but you can find the series collected in 5 wonderful TPBs...and for more action you can see him in the recent Booster Gold #21 where he gets a second feature story...which leads me into the next TPB you probably haven't read starting with the letter "B"...


If you haven't been following the ongoing time traveling adventures of Booster Gold...well your missing out on some great fun! What's Booster's deal after the events of DC's massive 52 series? We'll he's jumping though time fixing the DC Universe...and guess what the twist is...(watch out slight SPOILER)...he's playing the fool and getting NO credit for it!! Yeah, that's the deal he's made...he gets to be a hero but get's absolutely no credit for it...and on top of that he's gotta play the fool so nobodies the wiser! If that doesn't mean your a true hero then i don't know what does! Along with Blue Beetle the book has great humor as you follow Booster "quantum leaping" though events in the DCU. Booster gold is available in 3 TPBs thus far, and his ongoing series is still rocking it!

So that concludes this edition of TPBs you probably haven't read. If your interested in any of the above TPBs be sure to let Heroes World staff know so we can have copies ready for your next road trip, plane trip, BDAy gift...or even just a lazy Saturday afternoon!

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