Thursday, June 4, 2009

The return of the Boardgame!

Going to mix it up a little here guys...normally we do comic related news, but since Thursday is our board game day, i'll talk a little bit about modern board games! what does modern mean? well just that the game was created after the 1980's. You'll notice we've been carry alot of these newer games lately...and well... it's cause their fun as all hell! You can only take so much of blowing each other up in Gears of War or call of duty...or going out to movies or dinner or whatever...that you'll find getting together a group of friends or family for a nice board game to be quite an experience...and please don't bust out that tired old copy of monopoly!

Here's a few quick blurbs on some great modern games:

Zooloretto - a great family game for all ages...don't be fooled by the cute panda you will still have a blast with this game despite it being kid friendly. You play a zoo keeper that is trying to fill your zoo up with groups of animals...and you can't just throw them all together in one pen!! stacks of tiles that represent each animal are drawn randomly and placed on to trucks by players, so then each player much take a truck and hope they have enough room to separate and hold all the animals! no room? means they sit in your barn and you'll lose points! and watch out for male and female animals cause they will produce a little baby, so you'd better have room!

Pandemic - a purely cooperative game...yes you and other players work together to cure 5 outbreaks! You'll play doctors that can work together...but the only way to trade resources is to meet in the same city. The different out breaks are represented by wooden cubes...and if too many are within one city it will spread to each adjacent city! Can you and your friends save the world!?!?

Battlestar Galactica - perhaps THE best licensed game I've ever played! The game is so true to the TV show that you'll be reliving your favorite episodes! You play the crew of the BSG trying to keep the ship together as you travel to your preset destination...but wait there are 1 or 2 possible cylons among your crew secretly sabotaging your efforts! can you discover who they are before it's too late? or will they simply reveal themselves to become more powerful and take down Galactica!!!??

That's just a little taste for now! but if your interested I've played all these games and can discuss them with you further or even run you a demo...or talk to you about many other great games!!

Next week Thursday I'll talk about another game! Android! ever wonder what it would be like to play Bladerunner as a board game?!?

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