Monday, June 1, 2009

an Ultimate week!

Ultimatum #4 hits selves this Wednesday, and it's not looking good for our buddy spider-man!!

also out is one of my all time favorite books, ultimate spider-man...which i debate to be one of the greatest books on the market right now...and sadly this is the final issue of the series as we know it...but there will be a new ultimate spidey book...i really hope they don't screw it up!

i am really going to miss immonen's art...and this issue definitely means trouble for much loved spider clone...that's right if you haven't been reading bendis did the clone saga and made it ubercool! with the series ending and beginning anew i really hope that doesn't mean the end of the female clone!!

so don't miss out...both books hit this Wednesday along with a ton of other good stuff (Batman & Robin, war of kings, etc)

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Massacremike said...


Ultimate Spidey. One book I definitely regret never starting to pick up when it first came out so many years ago. I've read the odd issue here and there it they were indeed excellent. The artwork has always been top notch!