Friday, June 19, 2009

Sleeper new printing!

Hey guys, Sleeper is back and in a new TPB printing! Previously available in 5 tpbs, it will now be in only 2.

volume 1 just shipped this week and it contains the first 12 issues of this great series brought to you by the same team behind Incognito (which is an super hot series right now) and Criminal.

For those of you not familiar with the series it takes place in the wildstorm universe, so you will get references to I.O, Wildcats, Authority and such, but you need not be familiar with the universe to enjoy this (as they are only referenced). You follow Holden Carver as he embarks on a most dangerous assignment. He's gone undercover to infiltrate a secret organization of super villains...but his one and only contact in the agency has fallen into a coma leaving Holden trapped living a day at a time in this deadly environment.

The series is an excellent read epically if you like Ed Brubakers current Incognito series, highly recommended!

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