Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last Night on Earth board game!

You a fan of horror movies? well have we got the board game for you! Last Night on Earth from Flying Frog.

While it may look complicated it's actually fairly simple. You play as the humans or zombies (you'll need at least one player for each side) though various scenarios. While it looks like alot of components to the game the mechanics are simple enough that you can get anybody to play. The humans roll dice to move, they can search to find cards that will be helpful, and then you'll roll dice to fight zombies. Zombie player spawns zombies, can move each of them one space, and also can use cards to do more interesting stuff.

Here's a few examples of stuff that can happen:
- Scenarios: hold out in the manor and prevent 9 zombies from entering, you must survive for 17 hours (17 turns)
- Chainsaws!! one of the strongest weapons in the game, you get to roll extra dice and zombies will die instantly from it
- Lights out! Zombies have manged to cut the power in one of the buildings, this will limit your movement, unless you had the foresight to pick up a lighter or a torch
- Dynamite!! wanna blow up a bunch of zombies gathering together? hit them with the dynamite...but you'd better have a lighter to light the fuse!

All the art and attitude for the game is done in a cool retro horror flick style.

If your looking for something fun this summer defintly check out Last Night on Earth!

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