Saturday, June 13, 2009

Batman: Streets of Gotham #1

So the Batman Reborn stuff is blazing hot right now! Batman and Robin #1 has sold out and gone to second print (don't worry we still have 1st prints!) and i'm sure Batman and Red Robin are next! This coming Wednesday we'll have yet another title, and this time it's another #1. Did you wonder where previous Detective Comics team went? Paul Dini (Batman Animated) and Dustin Nguyen(Detective Comics)? well you can find them here in Streets of Gotham #1 out this week!

Streets of Gotham will be a bit different than the other titles, while it will feature Batman as a main character it's toted that it will be more street level, so we'll see alot of different narratives from other characters like Commish Gordon, or even villians or any number of supporting characters...very much like the Gotham Knights series what we all miss! So it's a good time to be a Batman fan cause we're getting alot of great reads lately so be sure not to miss out on this one.

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