Sunday, June 14, 2009

Board game - Power Grid!

Here we go with another great game from Z-man games! Power Grid! Considered the 3rd best game EVER according to

This is yet another venture into the modern board game. The premise is simple, you must supply the most cities with power...think monopoly but now your a power mogul instead of real estate. What makes power grid cool is it's application to being pretty realistic. Players purchase power plants via auction, so whoever is willing to pay the most will win the bids but by buying power plants you reveal newer more efficient power plants, so you must constantly strive to be efficient. You then must purchase raw materials (represented by various coloured blocks) to create power for these plants and as materials become more in demand the prices grow!

The brown wooden block represents Coal, and in this example this power plant can power 4 houses by burning only 1 coal!

While it may look complicated it is actually fairly simple. You can play with 2-6 players and the average game is about 2 hours. I highly recommend this game!

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