Sunday, July 19, 2009

What to read after 100 Bulletts? SCALPED!

Hey all, the last TPB of 100 Bullets has hit...and many of you are probably looking for something to read with the same flavor. Are you in luck...because Jason Aaron's Scalped is just for you! It's got that same Noir feel of 100 Bullets and then you add a little Western flavor.

You follow Dashiell Bad Horse who has long left the poverty and pits of his Reservation but now returns 15 years later with a major bad attitude. Trained in Jeet Kune Do (bruce Lee's art) and weilding a set of nunchucks he sets about causing all kinds of ruckus. He finds a new glimmering casino on "the Rez" and it's people overcome by crime and corruption. Has he returned help or just get his peice of the pie??!

Jason Aaron (Ghost Rider, Wolverine: Weapon X) is one of my new favorite writers and art by R.M. Guera has a really good feel to it staying in nice dark brownish earth tones.

check it out! DC even posts the entire 1st issue on their site so you can check it out!


Rawburn said...

I haven't read 100 BULLETS yet (I know, I know), but SCALPED is easily one of the best new titles in years. I had to learn to appreciate the art, but now thinkit is perfect for the book. Fits the tone and vibe and grit of the book to a tee. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

coolasice said...

yeah, if you like scalped you'll definitely like 100 bullets. i love the art on scalped!

Massacremike said...

I dig the art on Scalped too. Very unique book all around. Nice to see you giving this one some attention.