Monday, July 27, 2009

Deathlok returns!

for real? yeah apparently! Fan favorite Deathlok will be returning to Marvel in his vary own 7 issue mini-series. Slated to set place in the future where 'Lok will be all on his own (no other marvel U heroes running around) in a world where military combat has become entertainment...very "Running Man". Written by Charlie Huston of Moon Knight fame and hyper realistic artist Lan Medina of Punisher fame, this promises to be marvels premier Sci-Fi book. Word is that the story was written and completed a year ago and that 6 issues will already be in the bag by issue #1 hits...will marvel actually release all issues on time?!?

With characters like Ghost Rider and Punisher carving their own genres i hope this one will be just as good!

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Dylanio21 said...

I thought he returned with that weird book a while back starring him and Ant-Man and some others in some weird place?