Saturday, July 18, 2009

Watchmen on DVD and Bluray

Hey all, watch out cause WATCHMEN is out on DVD and blu-ray this coming Tuesday (July 21st). You'll get your chance to see the brand new DIRECTOR'S CUT!

And if you don't already have a copy of the TPB be sure to get that...cause you probably want to be flipping though as you watch the DVD...and if you've never read it before...then what the heck are you waiting for?!?! GET IT!!

And if you have read watchmen...then i've got a recommendation for you...while you can go the typical route and try more Alan Moore Batman: The Killing Joke...why not try another great book Planetary.
Planetary is a good take on modern super heroes and definitely is worth checking out!

"This graphic novel features the adventures of Elijah Snow, a hundred-year-old man, Jakita Wagner, an extremely powerful woman, and The Drummer, a man with the ability to communicate with machines. Tasked with tracking down evidence of super-human activity, these mystery archaeologists uncover unknown paranormal secrets and histories, such as a World War II supercomputer that can access other universes, a ghostly spirit of vengeance, and a lost island of dying monsters."

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Dylanio21 said...

Where does one find the version with Archie?