Monday, July 13, 2009

Savage Sword of Conan

Oh yeah! it's Conan! After catching Conan the Destroyer this weekend i felt it time to read some good old conan stuff. So we're putting in some restock orders for Savage Sword of Conan!

Those of you not familiar with the was originally published as a magazine...and since it was done as so it meat they didn't have to confirm to the Comics Code! So what's that mean? umm...Mature readers only! so naturally many creators and artists chose this format! check out the list of greats that appear in the first volume:

Barry Windsor-Smith
John Buscema
Alfredo Alcala
Jim Starlin
Al Milgrom
Pablo Marcos
Walter Simonson

Dark Horse was great enough to finally publish these in a great omnibus style format, which each volume kicking in at around 500 pages...all for only $17.95 US ($21.99 CAD)

There are 5 volumes out now, and 6 on the way in August! so if anybody want's a Conan fix like me, be sure to let heroes world Staff know to save you some copies!

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Massacremike said...

I cut my teeth on the original prints of Savage Sword back between Grades 6 and 8. When I first moved up north my Uncle gave me his collection and to take with me. I spent many hours throughout my first summer in Northern Ontario plowing my way through that huge collection of Savage Swords. I still have them to this day and love them very much.

I'd highly recommend these reprints for anyone who's not read this material yet.