Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Immortal weapons #1 and Green Lantern #44 this week!

check it out Immortal Weapons #1 hits this week! You've always wanted to know the back story about the other tournament competitors. Also the interiors look pretty damn good!

oh yeah and GREEN LANTERN #44 is out as well!! what a cover on this one! can't wait!

Other notable mentions are the new Dark Wolverine, Deadpool Sucide Kings, Gotham Sirens, Guardians of the Galaxy (you should be reading this for sure!!), Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps, and much more! See ya on Wednesday!


Rawburn said...

'Guardians of the Galaxy' is one of Marvel's best titles. Seriously. A talking raccon, a telepathic dog and Groot the warrior tree. What more do you want?

...and if you're not reading 'War of Kings' you're dead to me. ;-)

Rawburn said...

I'm very tempted to pick up 'Immortal Weapons'. Loved the characters in the Bru/Fraction 'Iron Fist' run.