Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blackest Night begins!

Hey all! Don't miss out on the very first part of Blackest night crossover this week! while it's not the actual Blackest Night #1, it's listed as the prologue to the entire event...and well Green Lantern has just been awesome lately! I'm talking about Green Lantern #43! It'll be GL vs the Black Hand, and you'll see how the whole Black Lanterns get's started!

Also while not listed on the Blackest Night checklist, i would also recommend the latest Green Lantern Corps that came out last week for another nice companion piece. The book as been in Green Lantern's shadow with all the crazyness going on, but it's just as solid a read...if you want to follow up on what Kyle, Guy and all the other GLC are dealing with. Here's a bit of crazyness...they start executing Sinestro Corps!! that's nuts! and you do see the apperance of the Black Lantern Rings at the end! so don't miss out on this one as well!

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Massacremike said...

I've both of 'em true believer!

Just can't wait to get that swanky Black Lantern ring next week!