Saturday, May 23, 2009

TF: All Hail Megatron extended by 4 issues!

Hey guys, dunno if you've heard me rave a bout this book yet, but it's pretty fun! It's probably the best work IDW has done with the license thus far and it's now been extended from it's original 12 issue run up to 16 issues.

Those of you not familiar with the title it's goes as such: The autobots had urgent business to attend to in space so they up and left!! This left Megatron and the gang a full year to run amok on earth before they returned to try and set things right. Also in the series an Autobot betrays Prime, and it's well known autobot!

Check it out, they are currently on issue 10 and there is a TPB for the first 6 issues out now.

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