Friday, May 29, 2009

Archie #600 - Archie get's married?!?!?

It the love triangle truly over?!?!? Has Archie finally decided?! What will happen to the rest of the riverdale gang after they graduate?!?! If it's true...then what will happen to the whole Archie universe?!?!

Yeah that's right's the Archie event of the century and almost everyone will be looking forward to...okay well at lest you'll be curious!

Archie #600 is slated to hit our shelves August 19th, 2009. And it's sure to be a hit sales wise... who do you know that hasn't read an Archie in their lifetime?!? so be sure to let us know how many copies you want!!

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Massacremike said...

Jon, how many different covers are there for this book? I'll definitely get one. The last time I read an Archie comic was probably the early 80's, up at my Aunt and Uncle's cottage, but it should be fun and interesting and should ounce again bring the mass media and the whole world to comic book store doorsteps.