Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Terminator Salvation goodness! (Hot toys figures)

Turns out DC has decided to distribute the Hot Toys Terminator Salvation line (well one of them anyways) along with their Batman line. But i was totally unimpressed when i saw the image of the new T-600 in the latest previews i decided to look it up on the web...and low and behold that...well DC should fire whoever took the images for their listing in the previews mag, cause those pics suck! check these out taken from a recent toy show

yes...that is push button light up head!! no word yet on if their bringing out the rest of the line which includes a few other T models, John conner and Marcus Wright.

The figure supposedly ships on December 2nd from DC, and will be $225US (yeah it's a bigger figure and their usual size)

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Massacremike said...

I have the T-600 on order. It looks huuuge and pretty swank!