Thursday, May 28, 2009

Invincible - very underrated!

So Invincible is probably the most underrated book that Image produces. For us it's never been a big seller which is a shame cause it's such a great book. The concept is that young Mark Grayson is your typical teenager, just trying to get though school, relationships and well...his father is also the most powerful superhero on the planet (think superman). So what happens when Mark starts to develop he's gotta live up to expectations. It's very ultimate spider-man meets smallville but with the Image twist. So we see him dealing with alot more dangerous and twisted stuff that won't be seen in kid friendly books like spider-man and superman.

Be sure to check the book out in TPB or Hardcover when you get the chance! They just wrapped up a company wide crossover that is completely contained in issue #60 if you wanted a taste of what's going down.

Spoiler ALERT (stop reading if your already going to pick it up!):

Need more? well there's a twist in the first couple story arcs...he father is actually sent to conquer earth!!! and Invincible is not down with that so it leads to a very epic showdown between father and son!


Massacremike said...

I've picked up the first hardcover collection and I absolutely love this book. I agree, it really is sad that more people don't spread their wings and explore more.

coolasice said...

i could totally see this picked up for a TV show or movie as well...guess we'll see