Monday, May 25, 2009

Dark Wolverine - Wolverine #75 - June 2009

We're just a few issues away from a new era of wolverine...meaning a wolverine book that won't start wolverine!! In June 2009 Dark Wolverine begins with Wolverine #75 where we'll follow wolverines son (Daken) as he tries to find his own way out of his fathers shadow. You may or may not know he's taken Wolverines place in Norman Osbornes "fake" avengers, so this will expolre what else he is up to. Written by Daniel Way (Deadpool) and Marjorie Liu (NYX) and art by one of my new favs Giuseppe Camuncoli who you may remember from X-Infernus mini series.

Leinil Francis Yu Variant dosen't hurt either!

Dark Wolverine #75 is scheduled to ship June 17th and will kick off with a 3 issue story-arc where Daken comes up against the Fantastic Four!


Massacremike said...

Wow, I'll go with the Lienil Francis Yu cover if it isn't going to cost a whole bunch more! That looks fantastic!

But Daken vs. the Fantastic Four?! Youch. Marvel is desperate to drum up some interest in the Fantastic Four aren't they?

coolasice said...

new shipping date for this guy

new date is June 24th