Thursday, August 20, 2009

Street Fighter 2 Turbo - HADOKEN!

Hey all, just wanted to make sure ya'll are reading Street Fighter II Turbo! As you may or may not know we here at Heroes World love street fighter, and we also love local comic studio UDON Comics and they awesome work on Street Fighter Comics! You ever been a fan of something and wish you could actually work on it? well that's what Udon studios did! they all love the SF brand and it shows in their work.

Street Fighter II Turbo is a very fun book that is really true to the SF characters we all know and love. And the ART is FANTASTIC! Art by newcomer Chamba is a sight to behold, the sense of action is incredible!

Check out this cool teir chart! That's just awesome! Be sure to pick up the issues so you can find out who the winner will be!

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