Friday, August 7, 2009

Red Robin!

DC just released some images from Red Robin #6!!

Red Robin is all part of the Batman Reborn Saga, and you'll follow Tim Drake's (Previous Robin) quest to prove Bruce is still out there. Drake has grown into such a great character especially during the final events of Batman RIP. He differs from Nightwing who is more of a lighter Batman where as Tim was becoming a very dark and goal oriented like the original Batman. He's alot colder and ruthless in his pursuit of "acomplishing the mission" very much like batman. In the last issue of Red Robin, Tim was seen calling up old batman nemesis Ra's ah Ghul.
If your not reading Red Robin and your enjoying the Batman Reborn stuff i highly recommend you check it out!


Massacremike said...

Ohhhh, I am reading this book and loving it. You're right,Tim Drake has really developed into an awesome character.

Is this a new artist on the book? This art looks much cleaner and finer. I like it much better than the artist on the first two issues we've seen.

coolasice said...

yeah, i dunno if he's going to be regular artist...but defintly much better than first 2 issues, which was my only complaint about the series