Friday, September 18, 2009

Smallville friday that is!

Smallville returns for yet another season, this time promising to be much bolder and perhaps darker?!? Check out Clarks new digs:
Clark shuns his civillian persona after the events of last season. Now I was a huge fan of smallville though the first couple seasons, why it was inspired by one of my favorite series, Superman For all Seasons (Leob & Sale), and then i saw it's steady decline into sillyness....there were a few steps towards it's former glory...introduction of Lois Lane and Oliver Queen come to mind, but it's since become vary hard to watch. But this new season i'll give a chance and hope we'll see it come back. I know it looks like they're trying to blend Batman and Superman with this new season, but if that's the closest we'll get to a Batman show then so be it, and i'll hope for the best.

Smallville begins again next Friday, Sept 25. With the Metallo (Brian Austin Green of Terminator fame) showing up in the 2nd episode Oct. 2nd. I guess they wanted a villian to tie into the Superman/Batman Public enemies (Sept 29th)?

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