Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back from the Holidays!

Hey all! hope ya'll had a good long weekend! Now the bad news...due to the holiday weekend new books will be delayed by a day, making this weeks Thursday the new release day.

Here's a rundown of what I'm looking forward to:

Batman: Blackest Night #2
Crazy stuff these black lanterns are pulling...we all know bruce wayne, dick grayson, and tim drake lost their parents right? well what guess who was or is going to be risen as black lanterns to neutralize the famous bat family?!? oh yeah, you guessed it! And then add Deadman to boot!
Green Lantern Corps #40
Blackest Night has the midas touch...and it just makes good titles even better! Ever wonder what is happening at ground zero of the Blackest Night event? well this is it! Kyle and the rest of the corps are dealing with a whole mess up in space where the black rings originated from!

Thunderbolts #35
Written by one of my fave's, Andy Diggle, this title just rocks! Espionage, action, villains galore, this book has it all! What happens when Osborne's team of villans starts to question where this mad man's agenda is going and how will it all come crashing down? and what happens when some villains aren't even villains? this book is just too good to miss!

X-Men Forever #7
Oh yeah, i'm a big fan of this Classic style x-men series. Written by X-men veteran Chris Claremont it picks up where his original run left off, creating a tangent x-men universe that has a very retro feel. You miss your x-men wearing bright and colourful costumes? you miss that classic team? this is the book for you!

All this and more on Thursday! See ya then!

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