Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Superman New Krypton

Yeah, so only got time for a quick one today. Superman New Krypton!!! What is it? well it's the latest and greatest Superman cross over. With this one we see the return of the superman shield numbering (that little shield that tells you what order to read the books in). We haven't seen this shield since...Our Worlds at War and Jokers Last Laugh crossovers several years back. and you know what? i welcome it back with open arms!! Now the books will be crossing ongoing titles Action Comics, Superman and Supergirl, and it will also include a few one-shots.

As of late the current superman writing and art team have been working very hard to create a consistant superman universe and are doing an excellent job of it. Previously Supergirl was almost competely seperate from supes main books...but now she's almost become a Robin or Nightwing like character, appearing in most issues with actual important role to play.

So what's it all about? Well Superman is having both the happiest day and the saddest day of his life. It seems Brainac had a little peice of Krypton locked in a bottle for some time, and recent events have caused to land right on earth! While the emergance of 1000 kryptonians might be the greatest news Supes could ever get, the result of his conflict with Brainac would be loss of Pa Kent!! So not only does supes have to figure out how to introduce his people to Earth he must deal with putting his father to rest! on top of all that throw in a top secret government plan that sole task is to kill superman!!

and if that page dosen't get you!! i don't know what will!!

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