Friday, October 31, 2008

I told you...I'll be BACK!

Hey all!! it's been quite some time since I had a chance to update the blog! alas it takes some effort to get the scans up and running, and i think they make a huge difference when reviewing/previewing books, so I didn't want to start posting text only...anywayz, here we go:

Robin #179
I thought i'd kick off this long overdue review with a great book that some of you may not be reading...ROBIN!! what batman's sidekick??? No, he's not mearly a sidekick but he's perhaps one of the DCU's best characters...along with Nightwing of course.

Now i'll try to keep this short and simple as usual. Those of you not familer with Robin here's a quick refresher: Tim Drake is the 3 Robin, previous Robin was Jason Todd (now known as RED HOOD) and of course the 1st Robin was Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson gave up the mantel to become Nightwing, and Jason Todd...well he was brutally murdered by the Joker (oh yeah! that guy!). So while Dick and Jason were both chosen by twist of fate to become Batman's sidekick, Tim Drake actually earned the mantel via his own means...discovering who Batman was! So Tim has always been the DETECTIVE. He's young and still in school trying to deal with an awkward social life while fighting he's dealing with alot that Batman and Nightwing don't have, which is what makes him such a great character. Ok...moving on.

Batman is missing (see Batman RIP...eventually) so Robin and Nightwing are left with the daunting task of filling in for perhaps one of the greatest heroes of all time! Not only do they have to fill in...but they have to some how maintain that Batman is still out there...because if the criminal element discovers Bats is will be MADNESS!!! oh quick item...Freddie Williams II has one of the best renderings of Robin i've seen, it's actually suprising that he hasn't been seen on more bat books.
This getting kinda i'll try to wrap it up. Bottom have a great character who seemingly has the weight of the world on his shoulders...he's trying to get the Gotham gang wars under control without revealing that Batman is gone, he has to deal with school and the lack of his legal guardian (Bruce of course) to cover his back when he misses classes or tests, then not to mention he also has the return of his previously dead girlfriend (Spoiler) to deal with...oh and on top of all that...who is this RED ROBIN character?!?!?

ROBIN #179...pick it up and you'll enjoy it for sure! In fact i'll give you the Heroes World guarantee on it, you read it and don't like it? bring it back and i'll swap it up for something else! (book must be returned within a week and in same condition of course)

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