Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Top of the stack: Red Hood!

Hey all, a mighty stack of books this week! and at the top of my stack is Red Hood: the Lost Days #3.

Red Hood: the Lost Days follows Jason Todd, the Robin that was murdered by Joker, and his return to the DC universe.  The time gap between his resurrection and actual return recent batman arc's is quite significant.  The story opens up with Thalia (Gul's Daughter) finding a zombie like Jason wandering the streets.  His mind seems to be gone but all his physical skill is still intact, if you attack him he will defend himself.  Her plan is to return him to her beloved Batman who she knows is deeply scarred by the loss of Jason.  She decides to throw Jason into a Lazarus pit hoping to bring his mind back...but she's surprised when it in fact works but the newly aware Jason is only hell bend on making Batman pay for allowing joker to live.

She's made a huge mistake and is now trying to stall Jason, by finding him teachers in the art of death, from completing his mission.

The book as been absolutely fantastic!  Judd Winick should definitely get back on an ongoing Bat-title because his work with Jason's character is perfect.  In this series you'll learn how he felt after being brought back, and then witness his road to return, and why he operates the way he does now...and also how he got the skills to do it. Although the entire return of Todd is a resurrection of a significant death in Batman's history I think he makes a great villain!

For more Red Hood action be sure to read up on his return in Under the Hood TPB and the brand new animated movie Under the Hood!

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