Friday, February 19, 2010

Beat Comic Last Week - Batgirl #7

okay, so i might not be exactly last week, but i'm a bit behind here. Anyways, the best comic last week was...BATGIRL #7!

i know you maybe be shocked to learn but there is some serious darkness going on in regular batman titles as of late. Batman, Streets of Gotham and Detective are fairly dark. Red Robin is basically old school batman, and Batman & Robin is actually getting a little complex...but we have Batgirl here to bring in some light fun.

The attitude of the book is very similar to early robin and nightwing titles. You have Steph and mentor Barbra Gordon (original batgirl) trying to carve their place after the loss of Bruce. This story arc we actually get Batman and Robin in the title as well! And the very fun Batgirl and Robin Team-up! Damion and Steph's interactions are worth checking out alone.

"You swing like a GIRL!"

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