Monday, November 2, 2009

Human Target

Hey all, sorry i've been falling behind on the blog posts (i think i'm going to have to enlist some help soon!), i'll try to keep up this week!

Well some of you may have seen commercials for a new upcoming TV show, entitled Human Target! While this TV show is based on the brilliant DC Vertigo series of the same name. It follows the life of Christopher Chance...someone i like to call a reverse assassin, meaning if you find out your life is in danger he takes your place until the assassin reveals themselves and then he takes them out with his mad skills! By taking your place i mean he really takes your place, he assumes your entire identity so far to the point that he is forgetting who he is, which is the great twist in the book, his struggle to continue his work despite the fact that every time he takes a job he looses some of himself in the process.

While the TV show is going a more action route...looks like he's an extremely skilled bodyguard of some kind, it's nice to see even a hit of this great book in a TV show. The series is available in TPB so pick them up if you want a good read!

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